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7th Grade Life Science

Welcome parents and students to 7th Grade Life Science.  Life Science provides an exceptional overview of multiple scientific disciplines.  This includes, but not limited to, biochemistry, genetics, cell biology, zoology, taxonomy, physiology, and so on.  As we navigate each discipline, we will utilize the scientific method to carefully, and thoroughly, extract a wonderous understanding of each topic.  We will create a warm environment that will permit anyone to comfortably express their thoughts or ideas concerning the subject matter.

We each possess an innate drive to obtain understanding of the unknown, and we will work together to cultivate and strengthen this wonderful trait! 

On this website, and using the menu to the right, you will be able to access course materials such as the syllabus, homework, in-class handouts, and supplementary resources.  It is important that parents and students review all material together to solidify your understanding of classroom policies, procedures, and most importantly, expectations.  You are now scientists, and therefore, I will respectfully hold you to that standard of excellence! 

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