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9th Grade Biology

Welcome parents and students to 9th Grade Biology.  The concepts we will explore this year will be the most complete dissection of our biological world, and will serve as the foundation for all future biological science classes (biochemistry, genetics, cell biology, immunology, etc.) that you may take in college or graduate school.  Together, we will explore a wide array of topics, ranging from bacteria and virus characteristics to the human genome and proteome.  Additionally, we will discuss genetic mutations, inheritance patterns, and human anatomy and physiology, and how each component is tightly intertwined.  

As we discuss each concept, we will utilize the scientific method to carefully, and thoroughly, extract a wonderous understanding.  I will create a warm environment that ensures every student can comfortably express their thoughts or ideas.  The complexity of the material will not serve as a barrier.  Instead, we will distill the material so that each student can extract the essential and important ideas.  Science is beautiful, and that fact will not be lost as we move deeper into the academic year.

On this website, and using the menu to the right, you will be able to access course materials such as the syllabus, homework, in-class handouts, and supplementary resources.  It is important that parents and students review all material together to solidify your understanding of classroom policies, procedures, and most importantly, expectations.  You are now scientists, and therefore, I will respectfully hold you to that standard of excellence! 

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